May 19, 2024

.NET development by BRILOGY

Brilogy is a regional solution provider located in Southern California.  Our focus is the development of client/server, multi-tier, Windows desktop (winform) and Internet (webform) systems.  Our skills range from basic html to three-dimensional math.

We specialize in Microsoft technologies

We have built systems for the military and the fortune 50 but work with lots of small shops, too.  Our clients share our belief that comprehensive analysis, documentation and testing are the keys to a trouble free implementation, high customer acceptance, and long term success.  Our post-implementation customer service that proves we understand that finishing a project is only the beginning.

Looking back over the last 20 plus years at some of the more innovative projects reminds us that we built DNA testing software for a huge scientific company, accounting and back office systems for several fast food chains, Internet-based system to capture events over the web using LAN cameras, cut-ticket software for a small apparel company, paternity testing software for medium-sized biomedical company, a data collection workflow system for an insurance company to transmit OCR form data via the internet, and have it automatically loaded into the host system on receipt, and a tablet-enabled graphic advertising app on which sales reps can build an ad, real time, in the field.  Among other things, we are currently support the security systems at LAX, and are working on patient management and clinical software for the 17 community clinics in Orange County.  We have built, implemented and/or installed every financial module imaginable, and we are accountants, too, which means that understand the business impact of the system solution.  Big or small, chances are we have been there, and done that ...

We live the belief that the purpose of technology is to support the goals of the business

We have deep experience in a number of domains and industries, not all, but a lot.  Our clients become our friends.  Our references range from Fortune 1000 CEO's to the office manager in the CPA office down the street. 

Custom Application Development Using Microsoft TechnologyBuilding cohesion in a disconnected world ...


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