May 19, 2024
Julie Allione

Founder and CEO, Julie Allione started Brilogy Corporation out of a demonstrated need for an agency that is based on integrity.  Working as a CPA at Deloitte and Touche in the 80's Julie developed a close relationship with many of Orange County's leading companies.  Owing to her cheerful and caring personality, her clients quickly became her friends, and many of these new friends were employed in the booming information technology field. 

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Milton Allione

A degreed accountant, certified project manager, and certified business systems analyst, Milton Allione brings over 25 years of hands-on Fortune 500 financial systems and operations experience to the management team. His cross-industry experience includes key management positions in retail, distribution and manufacturing segments at leading U.S. Corporations, including Taco Bell Corp, Yamaha Motor Corp, and Texas Instruments.  Milton is frequently heard to say,  "It is Innovation that makes IT work".

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Roger Bundy

Roger Bundy has been Chief Technical Officer for Brilogy since the company's inception in 1996.  As a Southern California Region Microsoft Development Partner, he provides expert technical guidance to local companies such as:  Community Plus, Xcel Nutrition, Axcess, BrooksAmerica, and Money Mailer, as well as major corporations such as:  BAX Global, Beckman Instruments, First American, Northrop Grumman, PacifiCare, Reuters, Tricon, and Unisys. He is also a Vietnam veteran.

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Keith Nash

Keith Nash brings 18 years of Programmer/Analyst and Project Manager experience to the technical team.  He is able to control all phases of the project lifecycle, from meeting with the clients and gathering their system requirements through implementation of the completed system.

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Theresa Bundy

Theresa Bundy has been working for Brilogy since 2003 as a SQL Server DBA consultant.  She provides excellent technical work, is our in-house Microsoft Reporting Services expert.  Starting with release one, she has generated hundreds of reports for clients such as: Long Beach Genetics, Money Mailer, The Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics, and Life Together.

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